How to ,learn Chinese

I think that the best way to learn a language is to find a way to use it in our daily life; so that we can practice what we learn, use it and make it a part of ourselves.
So, if you already live in China or in a Chinese-speaking environment, that’s great because you will have daily opportunities to practice, to speak out about what you learned and improve your speaking abilities. You will make plenty of mistakes, but you should not worry about that, mistakes are actually the best in learning because the more mistakes you will make, the more you will get better at what you are learning.

For those who don’t leave in a Chinese-speaking environment, you can look for the Confucius institute in your city if there is anyone. If there is no Confucius institute, you can find a Chinese learning training organization, I think that the best way to learn a language like Chinese is to learn with other people, it makes the process easier and less boring or intimidating. If you cannot find Chinese learning training organizations in your city or you can’t afford them, you can still find online communities where you can find a learning mate and learn from each other. You teach other people your native language and they teach you their own. there is a large number of resources on the internet and with some effort, you can find a website or an online community that fits your needs.

You can add a Chinese learning Facebook group, a Chinese learning YouTube channel or any other Chinese learning group or channel on other online social platforms. There, you could get daily Chinese courses right into your smartphone.
Once you get started and have a few basics in Chinese, you can try to watch Chinese movies, tv dramas or manga. For Chinese movies, you can watch those with subtitles, beginners can start with that so they have an idea of how native Chinese people speak. For tv drama, if you have a China Central Television channel in your country, they should broadcast tv drama with subtitles in your country’s official language. But if you have intermediate to advanced Chinese literacy, you can directly watch Chinese tv dramas on Chinese video apps like Tencent Video, Youku Video, iQIYI and others. If you have an advanced level in Chinese, you can go for Chinese manga, they have a very great variety of manga you will find entertaining and from which, you may want to learn new words.

You can also play Chinese games, you can give a try at the very popular Glory of Kings (王者荣耀) and many other Chinese games. In those games, you can improve your Chinese reading, listening and speaking while playing, isn’t it great?
Those are some of the many ways to learn and improve your Chinese literacy, but I believe there is much more, and you will discover them once you are on your Chinese learning path.
Wish you a happy and memorable Chinese learning experience.

Hello there, I’m Olivier Biafouna, I’m passionate about the Chinese language and Culture That’s why I write on this blog so I can share my passion and continue learning at the same time. I hope the content I shared with you was helpful. If you have any insight, feel free to leave it in the comment section. Thank you

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