Christmas eve

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Today we will learn how to say happy Christmas eve in Chinese and we will talk about how Christmas eve is celebrated in China.
Christmas Eve is called píng (平) ān(安) yè (夜). You can wish a merry Christmas eve to your Chinese friend by saying píng (平) ān(安) yè (夜) kuài(快)lè(乐).
If you live in China, you can also buy an apple and gift it to your Chinese friend. Many street vendors will sell single apples packed in a special way that day.

Why an apple?
Christmas eve happens during winter in China, and since the weather is cold, it’s easy to catch a cold, and the Chinese believe eating apples can help heal the cold by relieving internal heat. The process of relieving internal heat is called qù(去) huǒ(火).
This is the end of my articles, I hope you found useful information in it and learned a bit of Chinese by the way, wish you a happy Christmas Eve, 平安夜快乐。

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