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  • The Chinese Calendar

    Two calendars are used in China. The Gregorian calendar 阳历(yánglì) and the Chinese calendar 农历(nónglì). The Gregorian calendar is used in the same way as in Europe and the US. The Chinese calendar is used to predict the time of All the Chinese traditional festivals (The spring festival, the lantern festival, the dragon boat festival, […]

  • The New Year’s Day in China

    The New Year’s Day is a public holiday in China and if it falls on a Saturday, like this year (2022), you have the China State Council that extends the holiday to Monday 3rd since Saturday is normally a non working day. And I think it’s a smart way of doing things.The New Year’s Day […]

  • How to say Merry Christmas in Chinese

    The word for Christmas in Chinese is Shèng(圣) dàn(诞)or Shèng(圣) dàn(诞) jié(节)where jié (节) means festival. Merry Christmas in Chinese is said Shèng(圣) dàn(诞)kuài(快)lè(乐)or Shèng(圣) dàn(诞) jié(节) kuài(快)lè(乐)where kuài(快)lè(乐) means merry or happy.So since its Christmas time, you can wish your Chinese friends a merry Christmas by saying 圣诞快乐(shèngdàn kuàilè)or 圣诞节快乐(shèng dàn jié kuài lè). […]

  • Christmas eve

    Today we will learn how to say happy Christmas eve in Chinese and we will talk about how Christmas eve is celebrated in China.Christmas Eve is called píng (平) ān(安) yè (夜). You can wish a merry Christmas eve to your Chinese friend by saying píng (平) ān(安) yè (夜) kuài(快)lè(乐).If you live in China, […]

  • The HSK test

    HSK stands for hanyu shuiping kaoshi (汉语 水平 考试) (hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì) and has six levels from 1 to 6. It is one of the most popular and most renowned Chinese language tests. What is the HSK used for? An HSK certificate is mainly used to prove one’s Chinese proficiency level. It is also necessary […]

  • How to ,learn Chinese

    I think that the best way to learn a language is to find a way to use it in our daily life; so that we can practice what we learn, use it and make it a part of ourselves.So, if you already live in China or in a Chinese-speaking environment, that’s great because you will […]

  • Family member’s titles in Chinese

    If you want to know how close and extended family members are addressed in China, you are at the right place.Close family members are Dad, mom, sisters, and brothers. Extended family members are uncles, aunt grandfather, and grandmothers on both sides. Today we will learn how to name them, and I can bet you will […]

  • How to say hello in Chinese

    Hello or Hi in Chinese is said 你(nǐ) 好(hǎo). You don’t have to worry about saying it wrong, most people will understand what you meant. It is always great to know a few words from a foreign language mostly if we have to visit that country, so you can put this one into your repertoire […]

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